Grace Carapezzi ’14 by Grace Carapezzi ’14

…Our lives are truly simple. We are formed from love and crafted by DNA. I am the result of an ex-Cincinnati Reds baseball player and a struggling actress, who happened to fall in love on 58th Street in New York City. Their dreams were once clear, but changed simply, unscheduled, unexpected, just new beautiful dreams on a city sidewalk. I have had many dreams in this life as well. When I was seven, I wanted to be a veterinarian and save sick animals. However, after a few months of this goal I realized that I’m terrified of any animal besides dogs and the Geyers’ dog actually proved me wrong on that too. Age nine, I wanted to play for the women’s US Olympic Soccer team, but my corner kicks could barely make it off the ground and I have pretty bad asthma: Cross that off the list. A few years later and until this day, I have had a dream that I will be the editor and chief of Italian Vogue, but I have also yet to accept that I do not speak a word of Italian and don’t have a great eye for grammar. However, amongst all of these ambitions, the one, most significant dream I have had yet was three and a half years ago, after I sent my application into Pomfret.

I was thirteen years old when I stepped onto the Hilltop. My family sacrificed and worked hard to send me to a school where they knew my education would be the most important factor and where I would be highly prepared for college, but little did they know that I would fall in love with this school.

As a freshman, for me it was terrifying walking into the Tuck Shop or trying out for a varsity team, but that being the social norm it became part of fitting in and establishing who I was on this campus. The problem being, I didn’t really know who I was at the time. I was too afraid of how I was perceived by others, and that kept me from doing the things that I loved. I didn’t apply for Honors or AP classes when the opportunity arose; I pushed off becoming tri-varsity for three years and I really never gave myself enough credit to try something that wandered from my comfort zone, afraid of simply being bad at it. This continued until about the middle of my junior year, just before the end of basketball season. On March 2, 2013, I experienced a salient epiphany. It was a regular chapel, just like this one, except it was a Saturday and Mr. Fisher was reading a chapel talk regarding the topic of inspiration. Now, don’t get me wrong—it was a great speech, but it was a Saturday morning, and me being a sixteen-year-old kid I starting dozing off slightly. Right before my jawbone met the inviting touch of my neck, my gaze focused in on Ms. Brooks.  At that moment we made eye contact and she gave me this smile. A smile overfilling with tangible warmth…the most genuine smile I have ever received. Besides putting me into a great mood the rest of the day, I received an email from her that night. The subject line said, “Inspiration.” Ms. Brooks (varsity girls basketball coach) told me that when she saw me during chapel earlier that day, it occurred to her about how grateful she was for my enthusiasm and genuine love for playing for her team, while living in the moment for the game and my teammates. She probably doesn’t remember that act of kindness, but it’s a note that I will remember for the rest of my life. It is moments such as these simple emails, that really do capture the spirit of this school and remind me why I love waking up every morning to the freezing cold, music blasting, and bustling hallways of Pomfret.

Earlier on in this speech I told you that we all have dreams. I am at a point in my life where my dreams have crawled their way into college admission offices, are running to a first seed spot in the New England basketball tournament, but most of all, are gliding to the stage where on May 25th I will complete and seal the best four years of my life, with the class that I have grown to love so much.

Thank you, Pomfret.

About Pomfret School

Founded in 1894, Pomfret is an independent co-educational college preparatory boarding and day school for 350 students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate, located on a scenic 500 acre campus in Northeastern Connecticut.
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