Mathematics courses at Pomfret are challenging, exciting and fun

by Sheryl Huang ’13 –

13_Huang_ShaIt seems like a common assumption that Asians are supposed to be good at math nowadays. They are expected to calculate the thousands in their head within a few seconds; they are expected to attack the puzzles even faster than their teacher. As the captain of Pomfret Math Team, a tutor at Math Center and an AP Calculus (BC) student, however, I find that mathematics courses at Pomfret are more than that: they are challenging, exciting and fun.

Since sophomore year, I have taken Pre-calculus Honors, AP Calculus (AB) and am currently taking AP Calculus (BC). Before I came to Pomfret, I had never taken any calculus courses, which made my experiences in the math department tougher than I had expected. However, the completely different way of teaching math here actually worked for me: instead of doing the same kind of problems over and over again, teachers are more focused on cultivating students’ ability to draw inferences. The Pomfret math department emphasizes independent thinking and encourages a spirit of adventure.

The Pomfret Math Team is another pride of the school. The team participates in the Greater New London County Mathematics League. The math meets are held every three or four weeks. At the math meets, not only can students enhance their immediate thinking, but their team spirit will also be tested. So far, the math team is still No. 2 in the league, and is heading to the higher level of competition.

Pomfret not only provides opportunities for students who excel at math, but the school also helps everyone who needs help—the Math Center is the place to go. Every Sunday to Thursday during study hall from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, math center is open with two tutors ready to serve everyone who has questions on their math homework, quizzes or tests. Those tutors are volunteers who are generous to share their knowledge of math. Working with tutors can make at least a 15% improvement on a student’s next test.

Math at Pomfret is a journey full of excitement, challenge and joy. Enjoy it!

About Pomfret School

Founded in 1894, Pomfret is an independent co-educational college preparatory boarding and day school for 350 students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate, located on a scenic 500 acre campus in Northeastern Connecticut.
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