We Are Pomfret!

by Dolph Clinton ’92 –

We speak at least 14 different languages and come from 18 different countries. We have performed in the Boston Ballet and represented our respective countries on National basketball teams. We taught and studied art in a villa in France and played in the orchestra at convocation, despite being Griffins for less than 24 hours. We have travelled to Pomfret from as far as 8,500 miles and as close as 29 steps from our bedroom to the dining hall. This summer, we tracked elk in Wyoming and perfected our language skills at a small college in Vermont. We have a “Short” school president who happens to be tall and a King who is second in command. We are 48 prefects being our best selves. We are four sets of twins with a fifth set that will join us in the class of 2021. We are a recruited female wrestler and a former professional swimmer. We are fathers, daughters, mothers and sons; and some of us are even grandparents. We are gay, we are straight, we are tall and we are short. We were at the summer Olympics in London and one of us courageously saved a man from drowning.

In short, this is who we are and so much more: We Are Pomfret!!

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Many of our teams chant “We Are Pomfret!” before or after every game or practice. My hope in sharing these details about ourselves is to add some meaning to that chant while letting everyone know a little bit more about some of the 500-plus people who make up this amazing place.

I invite you to find the people I alluded to and ask them about their experiences. I want you to treat my words as a Scavenger Hunt or, even more aptly, a Treasure Hunt. Find out what those 14 different languages are and by whom they are spoken. Find who studied elk in Wyoming, who the grandparents are on the faculty/staff, who risked his/her life to save another’s. Maybe in your search to find these people you will find others who have done amazing and different things. Maybe there is a 15th language that our Admissions team of experts and I overlooked. Maybe there are more heroes amongst us. Maybe your future Maid-of-Honor or Best Man is some quiet person across the hall from you. Get to know the people you will be sharing this year with and branch out of your immediate core of friends. Not doing so is akin to buying a huge mansion and locking all but a few of the doors and throwing away the keys.

About Pomfret School

Founded in 1894, Pomfret is an independent co-educational college preparatory boarding and day school for 350 students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate, located on a scenic 500 acre campus in Northeastern Connecticut.
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