Around the World in 4 Years and an Hour

by Cecile Lu ’12

design by Cecile Lu '12

One of the reasons Pomfret has been such a wonderful experience for me for the past four years is because of the numerous clubs and activities students can participate in. One club that I entered my freshman year was CultureFest. Students can share stories of their own culture and have a learning experience in a much more creative way than sitting in a classroom. I enjoyed sharing my multicultural experiences with others while listening to others tell me theirs. Every spring, CultureFest hosts a showcase event with a wide variety of cultural performances. CultureFest is entertainment as well as a learning experience.

My junior year, I was promoted to co-head of CultureFest. Having a hand in the leadership experience has shown me the difficulties that my peers and Mr. Kim-Senior have fought through in order to make the club known. People often hear the term “CultureFest” and immediately shy away, claiming that they have no culture. Of course, this statement is completely false. Everybody has a culture – a unique heritage that no one else shares. Your culture makes you who you are. I, personally, am proud to claim that there is no one in this world, not one of the other billions of people on this planet, with the exact same culture as mine.

This year, Mr. Kim-Senior, Jake Lans ’12, Biying Zhang ’12, and I have worked hard to create a new experience. The past few years that I have been here, CultureFest has often consisted predominantly of Asian or African-American inspired performances, and people perform songs or dances that are close to home. This year, we want everyone to join in. We want people to perform a different culture, because that helps with the learning experience. We want to go around the world, representing the many countries that our school represents. Canada, United States, Spain, Germany, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam – these are only a small percentage of the countries represented here at our school, and we want to showcase all of the cultures represented. As a Pomfret speaker has said before, “an all-black school is not diverse, because everybody is the same.” Similarly, CultureFest cannot showcase Pomfret’s diversity if only one group of people join. We need everyone here, and only with everyone here can we have a truly good time.

Don’t forget – April 14th, 8:30 PM. Hard Auditorium. Be there. 

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