College Counseling at Pomfret

by Declan Brennan ’12 –

Declan with Bruce Wolain, director of college counseling

As a senior at Pomfret with only a handful of weeks until graduation, I can look back at the college counseling process with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our college counseling department is here to help us out, not only in finding the right schools to apply to, but by helping us realize our strengths and what we can pursue in the near future. Though the process is rigorous and time-consuming, and likely to be a focal point of senior year, getting into college is a major achievement of our lives, and Pomfret’s process is a major advantage.

The college counseling process begins about halfway through our junior year. We start with a form-wide assignment in which we must give a lengthy bit of background information on ourselves and submit a writing piece. Following this, we are assigned to one of the three counselors. During several one-on-one meetings with our counselor, we discuss our strengths and weaknesses and determine the proper standardized test for us to take. With these basic foundations, we begin to figure out potential college majors and put them together with our preferred type of school (i.e. large campus or small campus, far from home or nearby, big student body or small student body, rural or urban, liberal arts college or national university, and so forth) to form a rough outline of where we may consider applying.

In the fall of our senior year, we begin to build on what we started with our counselor and start the actual application process. We narrow down our list of schools, determine the proper application amenities, are given assignments by our counselor, and confer about the topic of our essential college essay. We then make our final choices, and if we receive an early acceptance, then the process is complete! Otherwise, we will continue to work closely with our counselor and determine the best strategies in getting into the school of preference.

The college counseling office is instrumental in aiding us in our journey through the tedious process of college admissions. I can confidently say, from what I have personally experienced, that the department’s help made a difference. My early decision (ED) acceptance to Lehigh University in December gave me the wonderful opportunity to finish the process by the start of the winter term. I, along with every other student who has thus far received an acceptance letter, owe it all to the college counseling team for the crucial role they have played!

About Pomfret School

Founded in 1894, Pomfret is an independent co-educational college preparatory boarding and day school for 350 students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate, located on a scenic 500 acre campus in Northeastern Connecticut.
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