What is Project Pomfret?

16_Lohbusch_Breanaby Breana Lohbusch ’16

A few people have been asking or were asked “What is Project: Pomfret?” Some managed to muster up a decent answer, while others were speechless.  Yet in truth, there is no answer.  We are still figuring out what project Pomfret is.

In the project In Their Own Words, our focus is to discover and document what Project: Pomfret is. As we explore the 29 projects, including our own, we incorporate what we have learned about the media into our report on Project: Pomfret.  Although we are still in the early stages of our project, we have already begun to plan our final product.  We have interviewed students and faculty, accompanied other projects on their field trips and gone on our own trips, taking photos and preparing articles.  Guest speaker Marc Allard, from The Norwich Bulletin, shared with us what it means to be in media and how to write with spin when reporting.

Other projects have been given amazing opportunities to work with people outside of Pomfret such as visiting MIT, teaching children at Rectory School, going to a dairy farm, going to a radio station and many other off-campus experiences.

What do we learn from Project Pomfret?
We learn how to work collaboratively, think critically, and creatively. Project: Pomfret allows us to learn about something we are truly interested in rather than something we are required to learn.

What do students think about Project Pomfret?
“I enjoy it, currently I love it.”
“It is more beneficial than sitting in a class room all day.”
“It is better than going to classes.”
“It helps us do our best work because we are only focusing on one subject, like in college”
“It is interesting.”
“It prepares us for the real world.”
“Is a good change from exams”
“A nice break from tradition”
“It broadens our horizons.”

Overall Project: Pomfret is a unique experience and it is a privilege to be a part of it.  So,

What is Project Pomfret?
A new experience, an opportunity, a good transition between fall and winter term, and yet another reason I love Pomfret School.

Visit the Project: Pomfret webpage for details on this new initiative at Pomfret School.

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Project: Pomfret First Week of Thrills and Chills

16_Leachman_OliviaBy Olivia Leachman ’16

As Project: Pomfret finally begins, anticipation and excitement overwhelm the community. Twenty-nine unique groups have begun meeting, creating smiling faces throughout each building. Centennial glistens like the soft snowflakes dwindling upon its roof, ready to partake in new adventures. Students crowd the classrooms, showing teachers their captivating ideas on diversity, how to build an effective dam, or studying the history of lacrosse. The second floor of Centennial is filled with discussions on the Middle East, which is only distracted by the heated debate next door on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. In the Monell Science building, a group is making biodiesel to fuel the physical plant, while another is studying the “next big idea.”  The shadows of the woods are filled with the sounds of saws and nails while students take on the daunting task of building a bridge. The white, pallid, snowflakes resting innocently on the pathways, are soon crunched by the soles of feet rushing across campus to the dance studio. The electronic thump fills their ears as they tell their story through movement.  Flashes from cameras light up the murky night sky like lightning bolts, as students capture star trails at the school’s observatory. Sponge cake is cooking in Mrs. Mulcahy’s house, taste buds are satisfied and their cultural understanding of food is expanded.  Grasping their journals tight, students scurry to the squash courts to see unnerving snakes slither in circles and are encouraged by JP and Mr. Pinkowski to write and paint about their observations. Some groups venture off campus to learn from Pomfret students who have come before them. Others travel to Washington D.C, attending conferences to discuss diversity at independent schools; while some visit the NBC-CT newscast and are shown the ropes of being live on TV. All over campus Project Pomfret is producing creativity in various different forms, inspiring students as well as teachers to meet new thrilling goals.

Visit the Project: Pomfret webpage for details on this new initiative at Pomfret School.

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